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Discover how we can collaborate to illuminate insights and empower you to lead with purpose.

Enhance performance, cultivate agility and resilience, and nurture a culture of innovation within your team.

Coaching for Executives, Leaders and Emerging Leaders

Customized, individual coaching for leaders of people, processes and projects at every stage. Unlock your true potential and take charge of growth, development and peak performance.

  • Strengths-based coaching (versus a “fix-it” approach) to enhance self-awareness, executive presence, emotional intelligence and communications.

  • The Leadership Circle Profile, a powerful, enriching tool that measures two primary leadership domains - Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. Gain qualitative and quantitative insight on your effectiveness, blindspots and key areas for growth.

  • Get out of the weeds. Embrace and implement a Leader-as-Coach methodology, fostering an empowered organizational culture.

  • Smoothly navigate career and role transitions with expert guidance and support.

Businesswoman at Conference

The Process

1. Assessment and Insight

  • Assess your current state: What’s working? What’s getting in the way?

  • Understand how others perceive you and identify areas for growth.

2. Actionable Plan

  • Together we will identify goals and create an actionable plan for progress.

3. Partnership and Implementation

  • Partner to implement the plan, fostering innovative thinking and actions.

  • Navigate towards success, impact and fulfillment in line with your goals and vision.

Business Team

Small Group |
Cohort Coaching

Great for executive leaders, cross-functional leaders and overall organizational leadership development. We bring leaders together in a weekly or bi-weekly cohort to build leadership skills and practice. The cohort model enables cross-functional leaders to learn from shared experiences and best practices within the organization. 


We begin with meeting leaders where they are through self assessment and reflection. With that foundation in place, we tackle leadership topics that will include:

  • Emotional Regulation and Maturity

  • Effective Communications and Trust

  • Enablement and Empowerment –
    How to Get out of the Weeds as a Leader

  • Aligning Intention with Impact

  • High-Stakes Conversations 

  • Coaching vs. Managing

  • Building High Performing Cultures

  • And More

Workshop Development
and Facilitation

We’ll work together to prepare a transformative in-person or virtual workshop or webinar for your team. Topics include:

  • Goal Setting

  • Values Exploration

  • Executive Presence

  • Career Transition

  • High Stakes Conversations and Feedback

Group Meeting

Speaking Engagements

Share your goals for your group’s session, and I’ll craft and deliver a talk to leave them inspired and ready to grow.

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